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Hell To Pay

Hell To Pay

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My name is Coby Cabello, and I’m pretty sure I work for the mob.

I’m also pretty sure I don't care.

What else am I supposed to think when I’m a regular human man working at a bar owned by a family of seriously enormous, incredibly powerful, insanely rich, and really protective guys, including Solomon, the hot-as-all-heck bouncer who glares at me across the room like he can’t decide whether to kiss me or kill me?

Want to know what I did not think? I did not think hellhounds. And that was my bad. Because when a magical attack causes havoc for Solomon’s pack, I quickly learn that everything I thought I knew about the world was wrong.

Magic is real. Hellhounds exist. Solomon’s feelings for me are way more kiss than kill. And the family I’ve come to think of as my own is involved in a much more dangerous life than I could ever have imagined.

But I was wrong about me being a regular human, too, because it turns out I have a destiny. A destiny that includes joining forces with Solomon to stop a terrifying creature bent on raining destruction down on all of us.

And if the two of us can’t figure out how to step up, claim our destinies, and work together… there’s gonna be hell to pay.

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