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Chosen One Universe: Volume Four

Chosen One Universe: Volume Four

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Volume Four includes:

All Kidding Aside: Magical Mates Book One 

Victor Eastaughffe knows three things for a fact: He does not have a mate. He does not like children.His duty is to his griffin clan. But when he meets Orsen Riggs, a scruffy bear shifter, and little Gus, an orphaned red panda cub, Victor’s world is turned upside down. All of the things he held true before suddenly don’t seem to make sense.

Stop Kidding Around: Magical Mates Book Two 

When Toby Sanders shows up to interview for a teaching job at a mysterious estate, he’s not expecting his world to flip upside down and backward. Shifters are real… and the hottest, most protective wolf of all is claiming him as a mate.

I Kid You Not: Magical Mates Book Three 

Zachary Perry knows one thing for certain. If he wants to get to know his mysterious and oh-so-gorgeous neighbor, Roan, he’s going to have to be brave and head into the woods where Roan spends the majority of his time. But something dark and dangerous looms in the forest, and Roan is duty-bound to do whatever it takes to protect his territory, even if it means leaving Zachary and their new-found connection behind.

Includes bonus short stories

Sugar Honey Iced Tea

Nick Smith is determined to work on his use of foul language. Problem is, when he learns a huge surprise, he just has to yell something….

Otter Chaos

Wolf shifter Gabriel Farrell is about to receive the surprise of his his pants!

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